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All artwork for sale unless otherwise indicated.

Prices do not include p&p. All artwork is framed unless indicated.


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'Lost Highway' Mixed-Media 33cmx33cm 2015 £250
'Doomsday Clock' Mixed-Media 33x33cm 2015 £250
'Lady Luck' Mixed-Media 2015 £250
'Happy Families' Mixed-Media 33cmx33cm 2015 £250
'Janus' Clay bas-relief 33cmx33cm 2015 £250
'Eternal Love' Mixed-Media 33x33cm NFS £250
'Star of the Sea' Ceramic 32cmx32cm (44cmx44cm in frame) 2015 £250
'Eternal Love' Mixed-Media 33cmx33cm 2015 £250
'Crush-Head' Mixed-Media' 33cmx33cm Sept 2015 £250
'Starman' Mixed-Media' 33cmx33cm Oct 2015 £250
'Pass the Parcel' mixed-media 33x33cm October 2015 £250
'Head-Trip' mixed-media' 33cmx33cm November 2015 £200 Description: A nostalgic piece on the psychedelic sixties.
'Head-Trip 2' December 2015 £200
'Lola wearing Trophy Necklace' Mixed-media 33cmx33cm December 2015 £250 Description: The 'empowered' modern woman or 'heart-breaker' Take your pick!
'Femme Fatale' mixed-media 33x33cm December 2015 £250
'At Euro Convenience' mixed-media 33x33cm January 2016 £200
'Life is like a box of chocolates' January 2016 mixed-media 33x33cm £250
'Masquerade' mixed-media 33x33 cm January 2016 £250
'Don't Wind Me Up!' Mixed-Media 33x33cm February 2016 £200 'SOLD!!'
'Queen of Hearts' Ceramic 33x33cm March 2016 £200 Description: I had in mind Helena Bonham Carter's role as the red queen in Tim Burton's film 'Alice in Wonderland'
'The Last Laugh' Mixed-Media 33x33cm March 2016 £250
'The Missing Piece' Ceramic Mixed-media 33x33cm April 2016 £200
'Losing my Marbles' Ceramic Mixed- Media 33x33cm (You can switch him on!) May 2016 £200
'Queen of Spades' Mixed-Media 33x33cm May 2016 £250 Description: This is a variation of the 'femme fatale' theme, though Pushkin's 'Queen of Spades' short novella was at the back of my mind when I created this artwork.
'The Seeker' Ceramic 33cmx33cm June 2016 £200
'Lost in Sound' Ceramic July 2016 £200 Description: We're all hermetically sealed with our own private worlds. 'Lost in Sound' is my light-hearted interpretation of this.
'Aquarius Mask & Plaque' Ceramic July 2016 £150
'Aries Mask & Plaque' Ceramic July 2016 £150
'Sacred' Ceramic relief August 2016 £200
'It's a Stitch-Up!' Ceramic Relief 33cmx33cm August 2016 £250 Description: This artwork is a somewhat grotesque literal translation into visual terms of the expression.
'Sacred with Stars 1' Ceramic Relief Image size 30x30cm August 2016 £250
'Sacred with Stars 2' Ceramic Relief Image size 30x30cm August 2016 £250
'Key to my Heart' Mixed-Media' 33cmx33cm September 2016 £200 SOLD!!!!
Description:  This artwork is my statement on the all-pervasive 'political correctness' or 'political censorship 'which is stifling freedom of speech in this country. It's a modern variation on the 'three wise monkeys', 'See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak n 'PC World' Mixed-Media Relief 33cmx33cm September 2016 £200 Description: This artwork is my statement on the all-pervasive 'political correctness or 'political censorship' which is stifling freedom of speech and expression in this country.
'Wired-Up Wrong' Mixed-Media Relief 33x33cm October 2016 £250
'The Insomnaic' Mixed-Media relief (with working clock) 33cmx33cm October 2016 £250
'Mr Nice or Mr Nasty?' Ceramic relief 33cmx33cm November 2016 £250
'The Politician' Mixed-Media 33cmx33cm January 2017 £200
'Jack In the Box' Ceramic 33cmx33cm February 2017 £200
'Papillon' Mixed-Media 33x33cm March 2017 £200
'Memento Mori' (calendar) Mixed-Media 40cmx40cm April 2017 £300
'It's a Stitch-Up' 33cmx33cm Mixed Media November 2017 £250
'GEEK' Mixed-Media Inter-Active Artwork 33cmx33cm January 2018 £250
'Cracking-Up' Mixed-Media Inter-active artwork 33cm x 33cm February 2018 £250
'Goth Bride with Candles' Signed A3 laser print £20 July 2018
'Tightrope' Ceramic plaque 33cm x 33cm £200 August 2018
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